Inner Sunsets

by MichelleLuna

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released January 8, 2017



all rights reserved


MichelleLuna San Francisco, California

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Track Name: The Filter
I heard a rumor you know its true
It was about you
Kill the filter its the sucker and wilted
Now the dead and the bullied have risen
To beat down the demons and harbor the devils and they bury yours souls away

I heard a rumor you know its true
It was about you
Crashing and smashing the road that evil laid
The dead and the buried and the graves are washed away
Track Name: Howl
I howled at the moon and the starts and the sky last night
I howled at the lights on the Northern skyline
Ain't no band of wolves coming for me
Ain't no band of wolves coming
Track Name: Serendipitous
You read the Iliad and the Odyssey
The only Homer I know is on syndicated TV
And when you feel me it shorts all my circuitry
You take me to unknown peaks
You are my serendipity
Parallel sequences and synchronized breathing
And I hope that you share my attitude
I'm falling in love with you

You cure my lonely feelings
Filling my dreams with bareback horse riding
I have fallen in love with you
Track Name: Forest and Fireplace (remix)
Echolocating now
Its just a passing phase
Soon I'll be moving away
To the forest place and the fire place
Listen to me
We'll all be floating away
Down the rivers and seas
I saw it in a dream
Aquatic and green
Track Name: Spring Song
I got an dose I wanna go get an oath taken
I'm on the road a beat poet might have taken
But I'm all alone and I don't think that I'm mistaken
For the taking and the faking of our lives into whatever we want them to be
Just want it with me